Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My First Blog Post!

"Grow Old Along With Me, The Best Is Yet To Be"   Robert Browning

That is the quote in our new "home" as my husband and I start out on our new adventure! Approximately one year ago Doug and I left our secure lives and became Workampers. Basically this means we travel to various beautiful locations across the US in our 5th wheel camper and work a variety of mostly seasonal jobs. I hope to be able to share with you our experiences as we travel and the things we have learned along the way.
We also would like to inspire you to take some risks and challenge yourself to follow your dreams!

I had hoped to start this blog many months ago, but wasn't sure what I would write about. Now with a few months experience and a few miles on the tires, I realize there are many things we have learned that should be shared. They may be inspirational, recipes, hobbies, job experiences, friends we have met, etc. The first few posts will be back tracking to share a few pictures from the past year and a few stories too.

We sold our beautiful home and quit two perfectly good jobs to live in our beautiful and perfect 5th Wheel Camper! We had been dreaming and planning for this experience for many years. We didn't want to be tied down by "stuff" we had collected and so over the past several years we sold and gave away anything that would not fit into the camper. Of course some of our family and friends thought we were completely crazy but we decided to move forward with our plans and give it a try. The most uncertain part was - Can we live together in this little cracker box without killing each other!?

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