Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Turkey or Chicken Pot Pie - Great for the Leftovers!

Do you have leftover Turkey from Christmas? This Pot Pie recipe is perfect on these chilly nights! Even if you are spending the winter in the warm south, this is great comfort food! It is a great time to bust out that turkey and fill the kitchen with that wonderful smell again! You could also use leftover chicken or rotisserie chicken. This is a quick and easy recipe (even I can make it!) and it bakes beautifully in the convection oven.


Left over Turkey or Chicken cut into chunks
2 Refrigerated pie crusts
2 cups vegetables of choice - carrots, celery, onions, peas, broccoli, etc.
1 cup Alfredo sauce - I just use from the jar
1/2 cup milk with 1 tablespoon flour
2/3 cup Swiss cheese

1.  Preheat convection oven to 375 degrees. Take pie crusts out of refrigerator to soften a bit before use. Put 1 refrigerated pie crust into bottom of pie pan and poke holes in the bottom. Bake at 375 degrees for 6-8 minutes. I use Low Mix.

2.  In a large saucepan combine turkey, vegetables, Alfredo sauce, and milk mixture over medium heat. Stir until it is hot and bubbly and starts to thicken. Remove from heat and let cool slightly. Stir in Swiss cheese.

3. Pour all ingredients into baked pie crust.  Top with 2nd pie crust and press edges together. Cut 4-8 slits in the top of the pie crust. If desired beat one egg and brush it lightly over the entire crust. This will give you a nice, shiny brown crust.

4.  Bake at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes or until bubbly.  Enjoy!

Yummy, good comfort food! What is your favorite "comfort food" that you turn to when cold, tired, or missing home?


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Favorite Bloggers Share Gift Ideas and Free Gift Tags from Sentimental Sue!

Free Gift Tags just for Sentimental Sue Friends - Link at the bottom!

Christmas and all the Holidays are a little different when you are a Workamper or Full-time RVer. My feelings seem to change every other day. I am so excited to be exploring a new state or area, meeting new friends at the weekly margarita hour, and feeling that warm sun on my face! The next day I am missing my kids, family, and all the traditions that have been laid out over the years - the Christmas parade, trying to coax my husband to help me put up the tree, and playing Bingo on Christmas day - because that is what Grandma always did! Traditions - they mean a lot to us and our families!

Even the gift giving traditions change. Some RVers exchange gifts and celebrate the Holidays with their family before they even head out for their winter snowbird destination. They are having their own Hallothanksmas! Others spend time shopping for gifts in the warm weather and lovingly wrap them to make sure they are shipped on time to arrive for Christmas. 

But what about gifts for RVers?  It is not always easy to figure out what to buy someone that lives in such a small space. And the needs and wants of RVers are so much different than the average "homeowner." Check out all the ideas below! I am sure you will find just the right gift for your favorite traveler - or even something for yourself!

Of course I think the best gift would be my 2016 RVers Planner and Travel Journal! This is a  great for any RVer whether you are just dreaming about RVing or have been on the road for a while. It includes monthly, weekly, and daily pages along with many great Worksheets to help everyone get organized.  It is a digital download so even the last minute shoppers can look like they have planned ahead! Check out this link for more info! 


*Gift Idea: Give this Planner along with a gift card to their favorite craft store so they can purchase a notebook, stickers, markers, etc. to write in their new Planner! They will thank you all year!

Some of the top RV bloggers have made lists of their favorite gifts and gadgets for 2015. Maybe you can send this post to your family to give them a hint of what YOU want for Christmas! Or make sure your spouse sees what you are reading and make a list of  your favorites. Which ever works for you - I  hope you get everything you want for Christmas and beyond! 


Christmas Gifts for RVers

Wheeling It 2015 RV Christmas List - Useful Outdoor Stuff That Lasts

Gone with the Wynns - 10 Brilliant Gifts You Will Want to Keep for Yourself

Living the RV DreamLTRVD - Christmas Gifts

Technomadia - Gift Giving Guide for Full Time RVers

Gypsy Journal - 10 Gift Ideas for RVers

If you haven't checked out these blogs before, there are many years of experience and knowledge in each of these blogs. I am a regular on many pages when I am looking for answers or insight on a certain subject. If you know of any other gift idea lists, feel free to list them in the comments section!

Free gift tags for Sentimental Sue followers - Just click on the picture of the tags to download and print! These can be printed on card stock or sticky paper and cut out to be used as you wish!


Good luck with your shopping list and gift wrapping! I hope Santa brings you everything you wish for! 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Organize Your RV Lifestyle in 2016 with this Planner!

Interested in buying the planner but part of the year has already passed? Let me know and I will give you a 50% discount code to use after June 1, 2016!

Do you have too many lists, calendars, worksheets, notes and pieces of paper (i.e. the Paper Blizzard)  floating around your camper?


Does this sound familiar? "What was the name of the place in Florida that was hiring next winter? We should call that gal we worked with in Estes Park she would know, what was her name?"


Do you get excited about filling out all the birthdays, anniversaries, appointments for the upcoming year on your new calendar? Me too - its like starting over with a clean slate!


Sentimental Sue is boon-docking in the Rockies!

Having trouble keeping track of everything in your RV or Motor Home? One of the great things about living in a smaller space is that cleaning takes a lot less time, but it seems there is always a pile of papers that have no where to go! If you have a designated spot for everything, you will be more organized, happier, and most of all you will be able to find it when you need it! 


Imagine having your notes, lists, worksheets, calendar, journal, workamping plans, appointments, schedules, RV maintenance, etc. all in one place! That is what I truly hope my 2016 Workamper Planner/Travel Journal will do for you! Let's get rid of the Paper Blizzard! 

This Planner is a digital download that is best used as a printed copy so you have the opportunity to hand write your plans and thoughts. It is very empowering to cross things off the to do list! It can be printed in full sheets or half sheets. Go find yourself an adorable notebook or binder that shows off your personality in your favorite colors, gather some markers, highlighters, stickers, Washi tape, etc., and create a unique Planner just for you! Of course if you are used to having a digital planner you could also save this information to your favorite program.




Sample of Monthly pages

12 Month Calendar - There is plenty of room for jotting down important appointments along with a note section at the bottom for those little things you want to remember.  These pages can be printed out to be used in your notebook with the rest of your pages, or print it out on heavier paper and make it your hanging calendar so you can see each month at a glance. There is an inspirational Workamper quote on each page to keep you motivated on your travels to remind you why we are all out there!

Travel is the Only Thing You Buy
That Makes You Richer!

52 Weekly Pages list each day of the week to write specific notes and appointments and a place for next week and next months tasks. There are also separate sections for Travel Notes, Sites to See, New Friends, RV Maintenance, and To Do list. 


Weekly Pages


There will be 2 options for the Daily Pages - One will be a Journal sheet for documenting exact details of your day and travels.  The other one will be a full sheet of appointment times for those that have a really busy schedule!


Daily Pages

Worksheets - of course there are Worksheets! Some of these have already been available through my blog, however, ALL of these have been revised to be prettier with better formatting! (In my humble opinion!)




You get all of these worksheets:

  • Goals and Plans for 2016 and 2017 
  • At-a-Glance Calendar for 2016 and 2017
  • Interview Questions
  • RV/Camper Info including Maintenance Record
  • Vehicle Info with Maintenance Record
  • Planning Your Route
  • Travel Route Expenses Spreadsheet
  • Brain Dump!
  • Grocery Shopping List and tips to survive this dreaded chore!
  • US Map to track your travels this year (My DH won't let me add one to our camper so this mini version will have to do!)


THANK YOU to one of my followers who had these kind words after receiving their Planner!

"I cannot say enough how much my wife and I love your sheets!  We start full timing the first of the year, and have been talking about keeping a journal with our travels as well as charting out our plans.  Your sheets are PERFECT; almost like you read our minds. I am sure an awful lot of time and effort went into creating the journal.  Please know that it shows, and is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for making our anticipation and planning for our new, exciting lifestyle be even better than we had hoped and imagined!"

How would you use a Planner like this? Keep it with you at every moment to write down every thought and site you see? Or would it have a special place in your home so everyone knows exactly where to look for important information?

While you are traveling those long hours in your truck or motor home, it is a great time to write down your thoughts, plan your future together, and write out your "Top 10 Things" lists! Journaling helps me remember the places we have been and the details - such as that hike we loved so much with the amazing view, or the names and hometown of our new friends. 


 If you purchase this planner, all new worksheets released in 2016 will be sent directly to you with similar colors and formatting so they will seamlessly fit into your binder! I already have a few more in process such as a medical information worksheet, pet information worksheet, etc.


This Planner is a digital download. You will not receive any physical product by mail and there will be no shipping charges. 

Interested in buying the planner but part of the year has already passed? Let me know and I will give you a 50% discount code to use after May 1, 2016!

Buying this planner is simple! 


1. Click on the BUY NOW Button below and it will take you to a payment page that is totally secure. Only $14.99!

Interested in buying the planner but part of the year has already passed? Let me know and I will give you a 50% discount code to use after May 1, 2016!


2.  Fill in your payment information.  


3. You will see a page pop up that gives you a choice of downloading or opening all the pages - 86 pages to be exact! You may include a password to be able to view the product at any time. You will not receive a physical product. This is a digital product that you download.


4. When you open the Download Link you will be able to print off the pages as desired. You will have access to the link through the email whenever you want!


5. This is all a fairly fast transaction so that you will be filling out your new planner and calendar before you know it! Get those pretty pens out!

Also don't forget to sign up for updates and worksheets in the upper right hand corner of the blog!

This would be a great gift idea for the RVer in your life!


2016 will be here soon! Cheers to a great New Year and New Beginnings of being organized and getting the most out of every day! I would love to answer any questions about the Planner you may have! Simply leave a comment here or email me at sentimentalsue10@gmail.com.


Buy Now

Click here to check out my other posts for Workampers that include all of my Worksheets!


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Friday, November 6, 2015

Workamper Planner/Travel Journal Sneak Peak

2016 will be here before you know it so I am putting the finishing touches on my Workamper Planner Travel Journal!  I keep thinking of things to add and tweak so it may be more like November 15th until it is ready for its debut but I am so excited to share it with you!

I wanted to give you a look at some of the main pages so you can start to think how the planner would work for you in your Workamping and Full-timing lifestyle!

Cover of Workamper Planner/Travel Journal

This stunning cover photo was taken at Sprague Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park. What great memories from our first Workamping experience in 2012! Sentimental Sue is boondocking in her little vintage camper down by the lake sipping wine and watching her hubby fish! Want to join me?

OK back to our planner! Imagine having all your notes, lists, worksheets, calendar and journal all in one place! You will be able to organize all of your hopes and dreams for workamping jobs, places to see, and things to do! Get rid of that paper blizzard! All of this is included in the Workamper Planner! You can print it out all at once or just print the pages as needed.  Keep them all together in your personalized notebook or digital program - you choose how you will use it!

The Monthly Calendar pages can be printed out to be used in your notebook with the rest of your pages, or print it out on heavier paper and make it your hanging calendar so you can see each month at a glance. There is an inspirational Workamper quote on each page to keep you motivated on your travels to remind you why we are all out there! There should be plenty of room for jotting down important appointments along with a note section at the bottom.

Sample of one of the Monthly Pages

The Weekly Pages also include notes for each day along with a To Do List, Travel Notes, Sites to See, RV Maintenance, and New Friends sections.

Sample of one of the Weekly Pages

There will be 2 types of Daily Pages for you to use! One will be a full sheet of appointment times and the other will be a place for you to document details of your travels.

Sample of one of the Daily Pages

Of course there are Worksheets! I have updated some of my previous worksheets and added a few new ones - like this fun one called "Brain Dump" - something we all need to do from time to time to clear all the clutter of our minds!

Brain Dump Worksheet

This is an updated version of the "Interview Questions" - one of my most Popular Worksheets! The other worksheets will have similar formatting and colors.

Update of Interview Questions Worksheet

My plan is to get this to you as soon as possible so stay tuned! Meanwhile sign up in the upper right corner of my blog page to receive all of my free worksheets to date by email!

Are  you ready to organize your workamping life and make the most of every day? Planning ahead will save you time and money!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Coming Soon - 2016 Workamper Planner/Travel Journal To Help Keep You Organized!

I am excited to announce that I have been creating a Planner/Travel Journal for Workampers! I am putting the final touches on it while we have some time off between workamping jobs! It will be a combination of calendar, planner, travel journal and my worksheets all put together to hopefully make your life as a Workamper, and anyone on the road full-time, a little easier!

But before all that, a few thoughts regarding Workamping. We are currently in the process of traveling between jobs going from New York to Texas, via Nebraska and South Dakota - I know it is the long way but a great opportunity to see our family!  It is still amazing to me that we can have anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months between Workamping jobs depending on your start and end dates. Now that's Living the Dream! 

Remember when we worked "real" jobs and only had only 2 weeks off each year!  We never took a day off without pay.  It had to be either a vacation day or a sick day! Now it seems the natural thing to do - work 5 months and take 1 month off!  

Of course money is a big factor in how long you can afford to be off between jobs.  Many of the jobs we have had pay a bonus at the end of the season so that really helps with gas money and being able to take extra time off.  Bonuses at the end of your workamping job make a big difference in this lifestyle but there are also restrictions that go along with these. They usually depend on finishing the job to the agreed upon completion date and doing a good job. They are very motivational to make you stick out a job you may otherwise leave. We usually stick it out since the money is well worth it and even if the job isn't so fun you can stick it out for a short amount of time.  Occasionally when we are between jobs we do have to dip into savings and that just kills me to do that - but it is worth it in the long run. Yes when you are workampers you should definitely have a savings account to fall back on!

On a side note - make sure you have your completion date in writing if possible, or a firm agreement with the manager when you begin your new workamping job. It makes it so much easier to make plans when you will start your next job and know exactly how much time you will have in between jobs so you can plan accordingly. We have gotten caught up in this and it wasn't pleasant at the time. In the long run it worked out fine but caused for some problems when our end date was changed.  Another Lesson learned!

So what am I doing with all this time off besides toasting a few glasses of wine with family and friends? I have been working hard on my latest project which will be a 2016 Planner/Travel Journal!  I have been working on it for months making worksheets and putting it all together in a neat package. I think it will really be helpful for all of us Workampers to put all of our plans down on paper and see what the future looks like!  I like to keep a journal or log of our daily activities including people we meet, our work environment, places we go hiking and biking, expenses, etc. Do you journal or keep a diary? The main reason I journal is because I couldn't remember it all! My husband has a great memory for details but not me. I always have to look back at my notes or photos. I love reliving all our adventures and the amazing people we meet along the way!

Obviously I  don't want to forget something important but most of all I want to make sure I squeeze in all the FUN we can! So I also use a planner or calendar to plan ahead for activities, work schedule, appointments, etc. We usually pick a job in a great location and work for five or six months. It seems every time we are getting ready to leave I start to panic - I didn't get to see this or that or I wanted to go to that beach or on that hike one more time! If I have a planner I can schedule the "have to see" places so I know it will happen. If I write in that twice a month we are going to the beach, or every Tuesday on our day off we are going hiking somewhere, then it will happen! Otherwise we spend our days off doing laundry, getting groceries, cleaning, etc.  It really comes down to getting into a good routine and planning ahead and that is what I hope my Planner/Travel Journal will do for you!

What a great view Sentimental Sue has in her little camper!

The Planner/Travel Journal I am working on combines the journal piece and the calendar piece together so you have it all in one place. Pages will include:

  • Monthly Calendar with plenty of room to write each day, a section at the bottom for notes, and a little inspirational saying for each month just for us Workampers!

  • Weekly Calendar listing each day of the week to write specific notes and appointments, a place for next week and next months tasks, Travel notes, Sites to see, New Friends, RV Maintenance, and To Do list.

  • Daily Journal sheet for documenting exact details of your day and travels. 

  • Worksheets - of course there are Worksheets! They will include the ones I have already released on my blog but hopefully a little prettier! And there are more - personal lists that help me through the day - grocery lists, brain dump , etc.


    To keep the cost down, this will be a digital product. You will be able to print any or all of the pages as needed or edit it in a digital format and save it to your favorite program. I actually find it is easier if you print it out and put pen to paper to write things down. Nothing better than checking things off my to do list!

I am hoping to release my Planner for Workampers on November 1 so everyone is ready for the New Year! I better get busy, glad I have some extra time off!

I have already received a lot of great feedback on my Worksheets and would love to hear more from you if you have any ideas on what you would like to see included in my Planner/Travel Journal. I am very excited for you to see it and will give you a further sneak peak in the weeks to come when I have some pages to share! I look forward to hearing from you and sharing ideas!

Sign up to receive updates by e-mail at the top right so you don't miss the sneak preview!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


During our recent trip from Florida to New York we tried out our newest worksheet - "Planning Your Route." When we move to a new workamper position, it is usually quite a distance or across the country so it takes a significant amount of planning of how long it will take to get there, what highways are best to travel on, and what we want to see along the way. For us, it is better to take our time and relax along the way so we aren't so exhausted when we get there. I made up a worksheet to document our plan of travel for each day including how many miles we would travel, the route we would take, and campgrounds to stay at along with contact info, etc.

Below is the first Planning Your Route worksheet we used as we traveled from Florida to New York. As you can see it has some scribbles and changes as of course you have to be flexible as you travel! We loved the first place we stayed in Alabama so much that we decided to stay two days and thus changed all my meticulous planning! But it was well worth it and we had plenty of time to make these adjustments.

When planning your own trip, of course the first thing you need to do is check out your maps, whether online or paper, to see the exact route you want to take, how long it will take to get you from Point A to Point B, and how many miles you need to travel each day to get to you destination in the allotted time. You can then also decide how much time you can take to sight see too. When you decide how many miles you want to travel each day start looking for nearby campgrounds comparing prices and amenities. We did join Passport America to try to save a few bucks on our cross country trips and it did seem to save us quite a bit on our spring trip. On the Passport America website you can check out the parks that are available and their fees. I also do extra research on a few review sites like Trip Advisor and RV Park Reviews to get some other opinions on the RV parks.

You can then document on the worksheet the amount of miles you want to travel each day and the exact route you will take. Also write down the campground you would like to stay at along with their contact information. We normally don't make reservations very far ahead in case our plans change. Also most campgrounds are not very busy in the spring and fall when we are traveling so I usually call them the day before or the day of to make a reservation. However, if you are traveling during the peak season, I would definitely call them ahead of time to check availability. Once you have decided on a definite plan, write down your plans for each day so you just have this one sheet to refer to each day as you travel. Of course, this plan doesn't have to be set in stone but it is a good guide to keep you on track to get to your final destination on time.

I also made a very simple spreadsheet to add your expenses for each day including gas, food, entertainment and camping costs. You can document your costs as you travel or at the end of each day you can simply check your receipts and write them down on the spreadsheet. Of course this step isn't absolutely necessary but if you want to track your expenses, this is very helpful. 

I would love to share my worksheets with you! Simply subscribe to my email list and you will receive a link to all my worksheets including the worksheets on "Interview Questions" and "RV/Camper Information" and "Vehicle Information."

It is that time of year again when we need to start planning our fall trip! This time we are headed to Texas but we should have enough time to take a little detour through South Dakota and Nebraska to see our kids, my mom, and other family. Yeah! Sometimes I miss them all so much - I wonder if this workamping and traveling is worth it!? Anyone else feel this way? I guess we will explore that in a blog post for another day! 

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Hitting the Road to New York For Our Summer Job!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted! This working is really getting in the way of doing this fun stuff! It is definitely the busy time of year for all campgrounds so we need to work when we can. I'm sure some of you are in the same situation. But fall is coming soon so all the campers will either head south or hibernate for the winter! Hope you are all enjoying your summer jobs!

We headed for our new job at Moose Hillock Campground in Fort Ann, New York on April 26, 2015!

Because we are workampers, we tend to only do extensive traveling when we change jobs. When we start planning for our trek to a new location for a workamping job, we start mapping out exactly how long it will take to get there, what roads we will take, where we want to stop to camp and sight see, etc. It is a good idea to take your time if possible, not only to see as much of the area as you can, but also to make the trip a safe one. There have been times we have hurried to the next job traveling 400 to 500 miles a day but it really is exhausting and when you get there you need a few days  to recuperate anyway. This time we traveled only about 300 miles a day at most and took in some of the sites. It took us 7 days but it was well worth the extra time. It is also a good time to check out possible workamping jobs and locations for the future. We also decided to invest in the Passport America plan to see if we could save some money on camping along the way.


They first day we went from Fort Walton Beach, Florida to Gadsden, Alabama. We just picked Gadsden on a whim. We didn't want to go all the way to Chattanooga so we picked this little town in between there and Birmingham. Boy are we glad we did! We had planned to stay only one night but after we got settled and checked the place out we decided to stay 2 nights. We are flexible like that! Another reason to stay was that there were storms headed through Tennessee and we wanted to avoid those if possible. That is one problem with traveling in the spring, you really have to watch the weather forecast for thunderstorms and tornadoes! We had no problems going through the city of Montgomery, just lots of trees and wildflowers along the way. It was a little bumpy when we first got onto I-59 but smoothed out fairly quickly.

We stayed at Noccalula Falls Campground which is owned by the city of Gadsden. You have to wind through town a bit to find it but it was well worth the trip! It is beautiful with lots of grass and trees, hiking trails and of course the falls nearby. It had a full hookup including cable and great WiFi all for $21 per night! We really loved everything about this campground and would definitely recommend it!

Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, Alabama - This was just a short hike from our campsite!

Gadsden is really a great town with a cute downtown, lots of restaurants and all the big box stores you want. I recently discovered that the World's Largest Yard Sale either begins or ends in Gadsden depending on where you start. This is on my bucket list so we definitely need to stop there again!

Our next day of travel was Sunday and it was a sunny, beautiful day to head to Bristol, Tennessee. Doug is a huge Nascar fan so we wanted to at least go by the track to see what it looked like. Of course we were just a week late as the race had been held there the week before! We went through Chattanooga and Knoxville without too much problem - ran into a little traffic and a few bumpy roads but all in all a great day of travel. Doug is a great driver getting through all these larger cities and what did we do before we had GPS? Now he can listen to directions from the little lady in the box instead of me! The drive through Tennessee seemed right out of a postcard or movie with the picturesque green grassy meadows surrounded by white fences, horses and cows grazing and the Smoky Mountains in the background!

We stayed at the Shadrack Campground and were greeted by a very nice man at check in. The campground is only a mile from the Nascar track. It is grassy with some trees and has kind of an interesting entrance in that you make a fairly tight turn while going down hill but we made it just fine. There weren't many people there so we had plenty of room to ourselves. I'm sure on race weekends things get pretty tight here! It had a full hookup with WiFi and good antennae signal. Grocery stores, etc. were close by so all in all a good place to stay.  With our Passport America membership it was $20 for the night.

The next day our destination was only 215 miles away in Greenville, Virginia. Again the scenery was breathtaking with rolling hills and brick homes. The trees were not quite as green as we continued our trek north but the different shades of green as the buds were popping out reminded us that spring was here! I can see why they shut down the highways in the south when there is snow or ice because of the hilly, winding roads!  Greenville, Virginia is a gorgeous little town, so charming with manicured lawns, lots of flowers and great older homes. Some of the homes and businesses were right out to the street!

As we followed the curvy, hilly road to the campground I couldn't wait to see it as I expected it to be as charming and manicured as the town, but this was not the case. It was down a long rough gravel road leading to a campground that didn't seem to be kept up quite as well as the town. It was called Stoney Creek. Our site was gravel and not very level. We actually thought about leaving but since it was a Passport park and only for 1 night we stuck it out. We paid $22 for the night. It did have WiFi though and a pond. It looked like a lot of seasonal campers lived there.

Trying to get out of there the next day was a challenge as the road was very narrow. We had to take about 3 tries to get around one of the corners. Probably will not be back here again!

Next stop was only another 208 miles to Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. Our hiking mentors that we had met in Utah last summer had recently moved to Pennsylvania so what a great opportunity to meet up with them and share a few laughs and memories! The countryside was again very charming with round barns and lots of flowering trees. We drove through many apple orchards that were just starting to bloom. What a site they would be when they are all in full bloom! There were lots of purple trees blooming along the way. I'm not sure what kind they were but I couldn't get enough pictures of them!

We found another Passport America campground online and decided to stay there for 2 nights - total cost $36 - I love finding a bargain!  The name of the park was Walmar Manor. It wasn't real fancy but it was in a quiet neighborhood. It was maybe about a third full and had trees and green grass. WiFi was good and we had a nice fire one night totally relaxing. We would definitely recommend it!

We had an amazing time with our friends learning about their move and recent trips. We feel so fortunate to have met them and many other workampers around the country! Since we were near Hershey, Pennsylvania, we decided to take in the Hershey Chocolate Tour. We just did the free tour and of course had some samples. They have absolutely anything Hershey you could think of and there is also an amusement park there but it wasn't open yet as it was early in the season. 

Love the vintage feel of this wall mural!

On day 5 we were on Interstate 81 heading toward Wilkes-Barre and Scranton for another 250 miles of travel. We were a little nervous about this stretch as we heard it was hilly and could be a challenge with the camper. We decided to give it a try rather than worry about the traffic further east. The traffic through Harrisburg was pretty busy and again a little bumpy but we got through there just fine. As we continued north it did get quite hilly and curvy but really did not slow us down too much. Of course there were the usual construction zones! At Binghamton we continued on Interstate 88 toward Oneonta, NY. 

We had to do a little research to find our next stop as many of the campgrounds in the area do not open until May 15th. We could have actually traveled further than 250 miles but Susquehanna Trail Campground was the only campground I could find open until we reached our destination in Fort Ann. It is a small campground just off Interstate 88 and the cost was just $22 a night. The owner was interesting to talk to as she had an English accent and her husband had passed away within the last year. She was trying to run the campground by herself and we both felt the urge to pitch in and help her! We had a pull through site that was good enough for one night. Some of the back-in sites looked nicer and if you were staying a few days would definitely suggest that. We drove through the town and it has a very historic downtown with restaurants and shops. Of course we found Walmart and called it a night to rest up for our final leg of the trip!

Our final day had us traveling only 181 miles to Fort Ann, New York! We continued on I-88 to Albany where the traffic picked up and we entered a toll road. We were a little nervous going on a toll road with the camper and were unsure of what the costs would be. As it turned out we were only on the road for a few miles so our cost was $0! One thing I noticed at the New York rest stops was that they were also called "Text Stops" - great idea of reminding people to stop there to text. We also saw one rest stop that had flowers that spelled out "I♥NY." We were finally in NY! On our last day of travel, we arrived at Moose Hillock Campground and were ready to begin our new adventure of learning a new job, meeting new workampers, and exploring an entirely new area of the USA!

As far as our expenses go, you definitely need to plan ahead for a trip to your new workamping job. Our gas costs were approximately $370 and camping for 7 nights cost approximately $142. It was definitely worth spending $44 for the Passport America membership as I believe we would have paid at least $30 to $40 per night for a total of  $210 to $280. Some of the places were a little further off the main road and one was not very desirable, but all in all it was a great experience of finding these campgrounds that we may not have normally visited. I know some people like to spend the night in Walmart or other free locations but we prefer to get to our campsite at a reasonable time so we can relax and enjoy the area we are traveling through. All in all it was a very relaxing trip and we got to see and go through some states we have never visited before!

This is our actual "Planning Your Route" worksheet that we used to plan out our exact route, campgrounds, and stops along the way. Please excuse all the scribbles and scratches as we made a few changes along the way! We like to plan ahead so we know which highways we want to travel on, but we also can be flexible enough to change our route if we necessary along the way! Hence all the changes!

For each day of travel it lists the date, destination, miles and route of travel, campgrounds including contact information and details on costs, directions, etc. This will be a work in progress but of course will be a worksheet that I will make available to you! Look for the details in an upcoming post!

Safe travels! How do you plan your trips? Do you have a document you use or just fly by the seat of your pants!? Feel free to share in the comments!