Thursday, January 29, 2015


  • Do you have notes and lists all over your counters?
  • Do you struggle to keep track of things?
  • Do you get to the grocery store and still don't know why you are there?
  • Do you make a plan just to forget all the details in a few hours?


We recently decided we needed a new system in our RV to help us keep track of all our pieces of paper - grocery lists, to do lists, business plans, etc. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that we are getting older and have to write everything down! We got to the point where we had papers, lists, and notes everywhere! There is limited room in the camper to begin with, so we were overwhelmed and wanted to just throw it all away! Eek! No matter how much room YOU have, this would also be a great project for your home, business, apartment, or condo!

We ultimately decided to use the inside of our cabinets as our base for our new organizing project. This would also keep things out of sight. We looked into white boards or chalk boards, but they can get fairly expensive. One of the other requirements was that it was thin enough to easily fit inside our cabinet doors. We also looked at white board and chalk board paint to apply to inside of the cabinets. This would also be a great option but we felt it would be a lot more expensive and certainly more time consuming. I believe they also have chalk board contact paper.

So white contact paper as white board in our cabinets it is!


  • DECORATIVE TAPE if desired

Plain White Contact Paper can be found at almost any general store like Walmart, Target, etc.  It should have a fairly shiny finish. They also have other colors and patterns, if you find something that would add a little excitement to your cabinets - go ahead and splurge and make it your own style! The contact paper we used was 18 inches wide and has a grid pattern on the back to help with measuring.

The other supplies you probably already have in your home - scissors, razor blade and tape measure. We also used a regular plastic kitchen spatula to help smooth out the contact paper.  Just use what you have!

1.   The first step is make sure your surface of the cabinet is clean and free of dust or lint. Give it a quick cleaning and make sure it is dry.

2.   The back of the contact paper usually has a grid with 1/2 inch increments which really assists in measurement. You can either measure the width and length of the area you want to cover OR simply hold the contact paper up to the surface with the right side down and then make a mark on the back side to show where you should cut.

3.   Cut the contact paper to fit as close to the measurements as you can. It doesn't have to be exact in fact a little overage is probably best. You will trim the excess later with the razor.

4.   Start by peeling back the backing on one side tucking it in the corners of the cabinet door. It is important to get this edge straight as it will determine the fit of the other edges. You can start from the top, bottom or one of the sides - whichever is most comfortable for you.

 5.   Gradually smooth the sheet as you move using either your hand or a spatula. Try not to pull on the sheet too tight as it could stretch. Press it down firmly tucking it into the corners and edges. There should be some extra around some of the edges.
 6.   Using your razor, carefully trim the excess paper. You can also add decorative tape if you wish to spruce it up a little. And that's it! You are done! 


Now get out your markers and have some fun! It is a great idea to color code with your markers and use a different cabinet for different things. We have one cabinet just for the things my husband wants to track, one for grocery list and menu planning, one for my  business, etc. You can pretty it up with decorative tape or other colors to personalize it for yourself. As you can see we split up one of our cabinets for menus and grocery lists. We also have a printed sheet of the common items we buy at the grocery store. We keep this by our cabinet door list so we know what we will need.  

The total cost was probably around $12. The contact paper was about $5, markers $5 and the decorative tape was $2. However, I have so much contact paper left I could probably do every cabinet and bunk door in our RV and still have plenty left to do a couple more RVs. There's an idea - I think My Man should try it out in the bunks so we know what is in each section! We will keep you posted on that project! It is also good to note the contact paper is removable if it would get damaged somehow and you could just apply a new sheet.

All of those little pieces of paper are gone - out of site and out of mind, we have more important things to think about!

Have you done a similar organizing project in your RV or home - I would love to hear from you?


  1. Sue, WOW! Seriously, I have tons of contact paper, and never has this occurred to me!! Thank you! I've got 8 cupboard doors I'm doing this with! Thanks for the brilliant idea!! Oh, and they sell contact paper at the $ store too, the same name brands. :) xoxoxo

  2. Thanks Nancy! You already have such a great, fun kitchen! My white boards would look pretty boring if I hadn't seen all your Washi tape projects! Loving that extra pizzazz!

  3. Wow! Contact paper huh? Brilliant!!!!

  4. Thanks Trish! I know - why didn't I think of that sooner? We are really loving the clean counters!


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