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Interview Questions to help you find a good match for your Best Workamping Job Yet!

  • So maybe you are new to workamping and are wondering how the interview process works for your prospective workamping jobs. 
  • Or you are an experienced workamper, but have had some bad experiences stemming from misunderstandings with employers.
  • Or maybe you are an employer that wants information on what workampers are looking for in a great workamping experience.

I hope this information will help you document your interview process to make the best decision possible for your next workamping job.

It is important to research your employers thoroughly before you start the application process. We usually start looking 9-12 months before we want to be in a location. We decide approximately what area we want to go to and research online by state, city, and campground. There are several websites that list workamping jobs. Just simply search workamping jobs and a lot of options pop up. We also look at social websites, review websites, and each facility's website to try to get a feel if this would be a good fit for us.

We are also members of workamper.com and definitely recommend them for finding jobs and  other resources. There is a membership fee but it has been worth every penny. We joined several years before we actually started workamping and always go there first for information. You can also put together your resume there and make it available for employers who are looking for workers. We also receive a Hotline email each day with all of the job listings for the day. This is something I look at daily. Even if the jobs listed are not of particular interest to us right now, if it is something I may be interested in the future, I write down the particulars on a sheet I have created to keep track of jobs by state. I use this as a reference for future job searches. You can also access and search the jobs on workamper.com.

I like to add scenic pictures to these "business" posts too to remind us of why we do this!

Every workamping job we have had so far has each had totally different ways of interviewing and determining if we were a right fit for the job. One job had a very extensive phone interview on 2 separate occasions. This seemed like a lot but at the same time we got a lot of information about the job and the campground also.  Another interview included a very brief phone conversation that only included one question - "Are you happy campers?" Of course we said yes and we were hired on the spot.  While that was very easy and we were excited to have the job, we realized later we should have spent more time "interviewing" our new employer. We did email them later with further questions and in the end it turned out fine, but it is best to find out the exact expectations from both you and the employer during the interview. Be specific as to your needs as far as campsite, job, schedule, your abilities and experiences.

We have a form that we fill out that has the list of specific questions we want to ask to make sure we don't forget anything. We want to be totally aware of what is expected of us, where we will be living and spending our time for the next few months. This form can also be used when you are doing your preliminary research of employers. Just fill out the information you know about the job on the form and keep it to complete at a later date if the opportunity arises. 

This is the form that we have created for our use. If you would like a copy, just subscribe to our email list in the upper right corner and we will send you a copy!

The first blank in the form is State so you can file them by State for future reference. The next section is the demographics - Name of Campground, Address, Phone Number, Website, Manager's Name and Email.  It is important that this information is accurate as you will refer to it many times in the future.

Job Responsibilities is probably the most important part of all the information you include on this form.  Let the Manager give you a list of responsibilities and then ask as many questions as possible about the details of the duties. Are there any certain skills needed for the job - learning a new computer program, etc. This is where you will really get a feel for the job and the manager as he explains the responsibilities, expectations and describes how you fit into their business. Feel free to elaborate on your previous experiences and skills but be realistic about the work you can and want to do.

The Work Schedule and Hours required for the job will be important as it will help you decide if you have enough free time to actually enjoy the area that you are visiting. This is all about personal preference as to how many hours you are willing to work compared to time off to visit the local sites. You will also want to know if you have the same days off and are they the same days each week. You should also inquire if overtime is expected.

The biggest deciding factor may be the salary depending if you need to work for an actual salary instead of just a site in order to survive on the road. Along with salary ask information on hours required for the site and what utilities are included. Ask specifics about the utilities as some may charge you separately for electricity, propane, etc. When inquiring about WiFi you may want to ask if it is at your site or just available in the campground. There may be other perks included  like laundry, tickets to events, etc.  Working for site and/or salary is a personal preference depending on your circumstances. Some people just work for the site if they have other income, while others need a salary along with the site in order to make ends meet. And that is where we fall in this workamping world! We are not eligible for Social Security and retirement income yet so we always look for a position that has a salary and a site provided. The variables are the cost of utilities and perks. In the past, we have worked some hours for our site knowing we wouldn't make as much money. However, the location was a place we really wanted to be so it was definitely worth it. If you have pets, be sure to also give that information to the interviewer although most places do ask about your furry friends.

Our Grand-Puppy!

The next few items may not be deal breakers in your decision but should be considered. Start Date and End Date may be flexible so if you have an opinion on this be sure to voice it during the interview. Weather, Location of Shopping, and Cost of Living are all very important factors but should be included in your research efforts before you decide to interview. 

The final questions are regarding how many other workampers will be working at the facility and if there are any workampers returning for another season. It seems to be a good sign if workampers return to a facility for a second season or more. If no one is returning you may want to ask if any workampers have ever left a job early, although you may get varying answers on the reasons. Also some employers will give you previous employees to contact.

It is always nice to work with other workampers and get to know them. They will make your job so much more enjoyable if you can connect with them! We have met some amazing people in every job we have had. It is always exciting to hear their story of why they are on the road and the places they have visited. Now we have friends all over the country! They are also a great reference when you are looking at future jobs. 

Remember to sell yourself along the way as you are asking and answering questions. Feel free to describe your previous job experiences. Also be prepared to provide references if necessary. Have name and phone numbers available.

Finally, on my form there is a place to list Pros and Cons. This is the place where we usually make the final decision. If you are looking at several jobs, compare all sheets and info. Once you see it all down on paper, it seems pretty obvious which choice is best for you.

Ask when they will be making the decision on hiring and when they will notify you. If it is a job you are very interested in, after a few days contact them with a follow-up email or phone call to thank them for their time.
Some places will offer a written contract for you to sign. While others may not offer a written contract, I usually send a follow-up email to reiterate the most important aspects of the job just to have them written down for both parties to see and acknowledge. If you do make a commitment to take a job, please honor your commitment. It seems to be a common problem for employers to hire someone only to have them not follow through on their commitment maybe because a better offer came through. If you are looking at several jobs, let them know you are unable to commit and give them a timeline. If we decide on a position several months ahead, I like to keep in touch with them every couple months just to make sure we are still on track.

If you would like to use the form we have created, simply subscribe to my e-mails and we will send it to you free!

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I am in the process of developing other forms that may be helpful to Workampers to track information such as your RV Insurance, Health Record, Travel Journal, Planning Your Trips, etc.! So stay tuned!

If you have any suggestions for additions or comments, please let me know! This seems to always be a work in progress with new experiences and jobs. I will update as necessary!

Happy Trails!

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  1. This is such a useful post! We've thought about doing workamping one day. You've got some great things for us to think thru if we go down that route. Cheers - Ellen

    1. Thanks Ellen! Workamping really helps us pay the bills and keeps us on the road. All in all it is a great experience! I am anxious to read more about your adventures! Safe travels!


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