Saturday, May 9, 2015

New Workamping Job and New Logo!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted! We have been traveling from Florida to our new workamping job near Lake George, New York. Of course the internet was spotty along the way but what a beautiful drive!  We have never been up the east coast so it was amazing to watch the spring changes of the trees and flowers as we traveled north. We are now settled into our campground and so far it is wonderful! We are at Moose Hillock near Lake George with so much to see!  Our campsite is huge, the other workampers are so friendly, and the job seems great so far! Stay tuned for more on our trip to New York and our job later!


I also want to show you my new logo! Isn't it so stunning and so Sentimental! 





It was designed by Pixel Berry Pie Designs! She is so talented adding all the details and was very patient with all my tweaks and changes! I would highly recommend her if you need any help with designs or your blog. The colors and damask are the same as my vintage shop on Etsy. Along with my love of vintage, of course vintage campers are included, so what a perfect way to incorporate them both together!  I love it and I hope it makes you feel at home too! Someday I would love to own a vintage camper just like this! Do you think my husband would let me decorate it red and white with damask?!


How did I get the name "Sentimental Sue?" I have always had a fascination with vintage things like photographs, jewelry, clothing, home decor, and even genealogy. When we were beginning our workamping adventures, I had more time on my hands to pursue the things I really love. We started going to more estate sales and finding such amazing things! So that blossomed into starting an Etsy store featuring mostly vintage jewelry. Eventually I expanded to vintage linens also. I would love to have even more things but as you know there is a limited amount of space in a camper for the extras. I think I am already pushing the limits by commandeering the dining room table and a couple cabinets! 


As I was exploring options for a name for my shop and blog I was trying to find the right words to convey vintage, keepsakes, heirlooms - and then sentimental came to me! Perfect - Sentimental Sue! Actually over my lifetime several people have said I was too "sentimental." I guess I'm just a softie when it comes to things of the past, family, and memories! 


Etsy has been a great side job to our workamping adventures! It takes a while to get established and it is always a work in progress, but I love it! I never dreamed I would have my own "store." It is fairly easy to get started and they help you with everything from building your shop to figuring out shipping along with connecting with others who sell similar products. If anyone has any questions about starting an Etsy shop, please let me know - I will help in any way I can!


I have learned so much since starting my Etsy shop and blog! Programs and terminology that I didn't even know existed before! When I encounter a new process or obstacle, I do as much research as possible and learn from networking with others. Sometimes there are things I cannot do - like design this logo - so you have to hire someone, but it is worth every penny saving me time and a few less gray hairs! Well maybe - but that's another story!  There are a lot of helpful people online to support you when you get started including other workampers who have blogs - such as technomadia, Geeks on Tour; and other education sites such as CreativeLive and lynda. Just do a search for what you are looking for and it is probably out there. Lots to learn for this sometimes-computer-illiterate Mom!

This got a little longer than I had planned but mostly I wanted to point out that you are never too old to try something new! Who knows what passions you will uncover! It can be intimidating at times but what is the worst that can happen? You fail and try something else! Life is an adventure! As my son says "Go big or go home!" I guess that is what we are all doing out on the road - going big!


Next up is another Workamper worksheet - hopefully will be posted tomorrow!




  1. Sue, I love the new logo; super cute! I like how you included the links to other blogs, etc. Great, helpful idea. Glad you've made it safely to your summer home!

    1. Thanks Tonda! Always great to hear from you!


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