Thursday, October 15, 2015

Coming Soon - 2016 Workamper Planner/Travel Journal To Help Keep You Organized!

I am excited to announce that I have been creating a Planner/Travel Journal for Workampers! I am putting the final touches on it while we have some time off between workamping jobs! It will be a combination of calendar, planner, travel journal and my worksheets all put together to hopefully make your life as a Workamper, and anyone on the road full-time, a little easier!

But before all that, a few thoughts regarding Workamping. We are currently in the process of traveling between jobs going from New York to Texas, via Nebraska and South Dakota - I know it is the long way but a great opportunity to see our family!  It is still amazing to me that we can have anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months between Workamping jobs depending on your start and end dates. Now that's Living the Dream! 

Remember when we worked "real" jobs and only had only 2 weeks off each year!  We never took a day off without pay.  It had to be either a vacation day or a sick day! Now it seems the natural thing to do - work 5 months and take 1 month off!  

Of course money is a big factor in how long you can afford to be off between jobs.  Many of the jobs we have had pay a bonus at the end of the season so that really helps with gas money and being able to take extra time off.  Bonuses at the end of your workamping job make a big difference in this lifestyle but there are also restrictions that go along with these. They usually depend on finishing the job to the agreed upon completion date and doing a good job. They are very motivational to make you stick out a job you may otherwise leave. We usually stick it out since the money is well worth it and even if the job isn't so fun you can stick it out for a short amount of time.  Occasionally when we are between jobs we do have to dip into savings and that just kills me to do that - but it is worth it in the long run. Yes when you are workampers you should definitely have a savings account to fall back on!

On a side note - make sure you have your completion date in writing if possible, or a firm agreement with the manager when you begin your new workamping job. It makes it so much easier to make plans when you will start your next job and know exactly how much time you will have in between jobs so you can plan accordingly. We have gotten caught up in this and it wasn't pleasant at the time. In the long run it worked out fine but caused for some problems when our end date was changed.  Another Lesson learned!

So what am I doing with all this time off besides toasting a few glasses of wine with family and friends? I have been working hard on my latest project which will be a 2016 Planner/Travel Journal!  I have been working on it for months making worksheets and putting it all together in a neat package. I think it will really be helpful for all of us Workampers to put all of our plans down on paper and see what the future looks like!  I like to keep a journal or log of our daily activities including people we meet, our work environment, places we go hiking and biking, expenses, etc. Do you journal or keep a diary? The main reason I journal is because I couldn't remember it all! My husband has a great memory for details but not me. I always have to look back at my notes or photos. I love reliving all our adventures and the amazing people we meet along the way!

Obviously I  don't want to forget something important but most of all I want to make sure I squeeze in all the FUN we can! So I also use a planner or calendar to plan ahead for activities, work schedule, appointments, etc. We usually pick a job in a great location and work for five or six months. It seems every time we are getting ready to leave I start to panic - I didn't get to see this or that or I wanted to go to that beach or on that hike one more time! If I have a planner I can schedule the "have to see" places so I know it will happen. If I write in that twice a month we are going to the beach, or every Tuesday on our day off we are going hiking somewhere, then it will happen! Otherwise we spend our days off doing laundry, getting groceries, cleaning, etc.  It really comes down to getting into a good routine and planning ahead and that is what I hope my Planner/Travel Journal will do for you!

What a great view Sentimental Sue has in her little camper!

The Planner/Travel Journal I am working on combines the journal piece and the calendar piece together so you have it all in one place. Pages will include:

  • Monthly Calendar with plenty of room to write each day, a section at the bottom for notes, and a little inspirational saying for each month just for us Workampers!

  • Weekly Calendar listing each day of the week to write specific notes and appointments, a place for next week and next months tasks, Travel notes, Sites to see, New Friends, RV Maintenance, and To Do list.

  • Daily Journal sheet for documenting exact details of your day and travels. 

  • Worksheets - of course there are Worksheets! They will include the ones I have already released on my blog but hopefully a little prettier! And there are more - personal lists that help me through the day - grocery lists, brain dump , etc.


    To keep the cost down, this will be a digital product. You will be able to print any or all of the pages as needed or edit it in a digital format and save it to your favorite program. I actually find it is easier if you print it out and put pen to paper to write things down. Nothing better than checking things off my to do list!

I am hoping to release my Planner for Workampers on November 1 so everyone is ready for the New Year! I better get busy, glad I have some extra time off!

I have already received a lot of great feedback on my Worksheets and would love to hear more from you if you have any ideas on what you would like to see included in my Planner/Travel Journal. I am very excited for you to see it and will give you a further sneak peak in the weeks to come when I have some pages to share! I look forward to hearing from you and sharing ideas!

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