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Organize Your RV Lifestyle in 2016 with this Planner!

Interested in buying the planner but part of the year has already passed? Let me know and I will give you a 50% discount code to use after June 1, 2016!

Do you have too many lists, calendars, worksheets, notes and pieces of paper (i.e. the Paper Blizzard)  floating around your camper?


Does this sound familiar? "What was the name of the place in Florida that was hiring next winter? We should call that gal we worked with in Estes Park she would know, what was her name?"


Do you get excited about filling out all the birthdays, anniversaries, appointments for the upcoming year on your new calendar? Me too - its like starting over with a clean slate!


Sentimental Sue is boon-docking in the Rockies!

Having trouble keeping track of everything in your RV or Motor Home? One of the great things about living in a smaller space is that cleaning takes a lot less time, but it seems there is always a pile of papers that have no where to go! If you have a designated spot for everything, you will be more organized, happier, and most of all you will be able to find it when you need it! 


Imagine having your notes, lists, worksheets, calendar, journal, workamping plans, appointments, schedules, RV maintenance, etc. all in one place! That is what I truly hope my 2016 Workamper Planner/Travel Journal will do for you! Let's get rid of the Paper Blizzard! 

This Planner is a digital download that is best used as a printed copy so you have the opportunity to hand write your plans and thoughts. It is very empowering to cross things off the to do list! It can be printed in full sheets or half sheets. Go find yourself an adorable notebook or binder that shows off your personality in your favorite colors, gather some markers, highlighters, stickers, Washi tape, etc., and create a unique Planner just for you! Of course if you are used to having a digital planner you could also save this information to your favorite program.




Sample of Monthly pages

12 Month Calendar - There is plenty of room for jotting down important appointments along with a note section at the bottom for those little things you want to remember.  These pages can be printed out to be used in your notebook with the rest of your pages, or print it out on heavier paper and make it your hanging calendar so you can see each month at a glance. There is an inspirational Workamper quote on each page to keep you motivated on your travels to remind you why we are all out there!

Travel is the Only Thing You Buy
That Makes You Richer!

52 Weekly Pages list each day of the week to write specific notes and appointments and a place for next week and next months tasks. There are also separate sections for Travel Notes, Sites to See, New Friends, RV Maintenance, and To Do list. 


Weekly Pages


There will be 2 options for the Daily Pages - One will be a Journal sheet for documenting exact details of your day and travels.  The other one will be a full sheet of appointment times for those that have a really busy schedule!


Daily Pages

Worksheets - of course there are Worksheets! Some of these have already been available through my blog, however, ALL of these have been revised to be prettier with better formatting! (In my humble opinion!)




You get all of these worksheets:

  • Goals and Plans for 2016 and 2017 
  • At-a-Glance Calendar for 2016 and 2017
  • Interview Questions
  • RV/Camper Info including Maintenance Record
  • Vehicle Info with Maintenance Record
  • Planning Your Route
  • Travel Route Expenses Spreadsheet
  • Brain Dump!
  • Grocery Shopping List and tips to survive this dreaded chore!
  • US Map to track your travels this year (My DH won't let me add one to our camper so this mini version will have to do!)


THANK YOU to one of my followers who had these kind words after receiving their Planner!

"I cannot say enough how much my wife and I love your sheets!  We start full timing the first of the year, and have been talking about keeping a journal with our travels as well as charting out our plans.  Your sheets are PERFECT; almost like you read our minds. I am sure an awful lot of time and effort went into creating the journal.  Please know that it shows, and is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for making our anticipation and planning for our new, exciting lifestyle be even better than we had hoped and imagined!"

How would you use a Planner like this? Keep it with you at every moment to write down every thought and site you see? Or would it have a special place in your home so everyone knows exactly where to look for important information?

While you are traveling those long hours in your truck or motor home, it is a great time to write down your thoughts, plan your future together, and write out your "Top 10 Things" lists! Journaling helps me remember the places we have been and the details - such as that hike we loved so much with the amazing view, or the names and hometown of our new friends. 


 If you purchase this planner, all new worksheets released in 2016 will be sent directly to you with similar colors and formatting so they will seamlessly fit into your binder! I already have a few more in process such as a medical information worksheet, pet information worksheet, etc.


This Planner is a digital download. You will not receive any physical product by mail and there will be no shipping charges. 

Interested in buying the planner but part of the year has already passed? Let me know and I will give you a 50% discount code to use after May 1, 2016!

Buying this planner is simple! 


1. Click on the BUY NOW Button below and it will take you to a payment page that is totally secure. Only $14.99!

Interested in buying the planner but part of the year has already passed? Let me know and I will give you a 50% discount code to use after May 1, 2016!


2.  Fill in your payment information.  


3. You will see a page pop up that gives you a choice of downloading or opening all the pages - 86 pages to be exact! You may include a password to be able to view the product at any time. You will not receive a physical product. This is a digital product that you download.


4. When you open the Download Link you will be able to print off the pages as desired. You will have access to the link through the email whenever you want!


5. This is all a fairly fast transaction so that you will be filling out your new planner and calendar before you know it! Get those pretty pens out!

Also don't forget to sign up for updates and worksheets in the upper right hand corner of the blog!

This would be a great gift idea for the RVer in your life!


2016 will be here soon! Cheers to a great New Year and New Beginnings of being organized and getting the most out of every day! I would love to answer any questions about the Planner you may have! Simply leave a comment here or email me at


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