Friday, November 6, 2015

Workamper Planner/Travel Journal Sneak Peak

2016 will be here before you know it so I am putting the finishing touches on my Workamper Planner Travel Journal!  I keep thinking of things to add and tweak so it may be more like November 15th until it is ready for its debut but I am so excited to share it with you!

I wanted to give you a look at some of the main pages so you can start to think how the planner would work for you in your Workamping and Full-timing lifestyle!

Cover of Workamper Planner/Travel Journal

This stunning cover photo was taken at Sprague Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park. What great memories from our first Workamping experience in 2012! Sentimental Sue is boondocking in her little vintage camper down by the lake sipping wine and watching her hubby fish! Want to join me?

OK back to our planner! Imagine having all your notes, lists, worksheets, calendar and journal all in one place! You will be able to organize all of your hopes and dreams for workamping jobs, places to see, and things to do! Get rid of that paper blizzard! All of this is included in the Workamper Planner! You can print it out all at once or just print the pages as needed.  Keep them all together in your personalized notebook or digital program - you choose how you will use it!

The Monthly Calendar pages can be printed out to be used in your notebook with the rest of your pages, or print it out on heavier paper and make it your hanging calendar so you can see each month at a glance. There is an inspirational Workamper quote on each page to keep you motivated on your travels to remind you why we are all out there! There should be plenty of room for jotting down important appointments along with a note section at the bottom.

Sample of one of the Monthly Pages

The Weekly Pages also include notes for each day along with a To Do List, Travel Notes, Sites to See, RV Maintenance, and New Friends sections.

Sample of one of the Weekly Pages

There will be 2 types of Daily Pages for you to use! One will be a full sheet of appointment times and the other will be a place for you to document details of your travels.

Sample of one of the Daily Pages

Of course there are Worksheets! I have updated some of my previous worksheets and added a few new ones - like this fun one called "Brain Dump" - something we all need to do from time to time to clear all the clutter of our minds!

Brain Dump Worksheet

This is an updated version of the "Interview Questions" - one of my most Popular Worksheets! The other worksheets will have similar formatting and colors.

Update of Interview Questions Worksheet

My plan is to get this to you as soon as possible so stay tuned! Meanwhile sign up in the upper right corner of my blog page to receive all of my free worksheets to date by email!

Are  you ready to organize your workamping life and make the most of every day? Planning ahead will save you time and money!


  1. Hey Sue how about some pages to add peoples names, addresses, email and phone numbers of the great people you meet along your travels. Ellen

  2. Hi Ellen! I'm so glad you visited my blog! There is a place on each weekly page to add "New Friends" so you could include emails, addresses, etc. But I agree, next year's planner could have a separate section to keep all of your contact info. Maybe it would even be a good idea to list them by location of where you meet them? So that they are easier to look up. I will have to think about that possibility!

    Thanks again Ellen! I am always looking for input!


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