Monday, July 18, 2016

I'm too tired and too old!

Do you ever fall into the trap of "I'm too tired" or "I'm too old," and just want to stay home and not experience new things?

We have always been ready go on adventures, explore new places, try new experiences, etc, especially since we started traveling! We try to live in the moment and not miss a thing! Are all Workampers and full-time RVers like that?

We try to look at every experience as a once in a lifetime event - even if it is a sunset, going on a hike, or going out to dinner with new friends!

I recently had an "I'm too tired" event and was totally ashamed of myself! We are working at a workamping job cleaning cabins and as you can imagine it is quite physical. We put in a hard days work and always feel good about what we have accomplished. Our bedtimes seem to come earlier now and I sleep like a rock!  It really is a great job in a great location!

We were making plans for the 4th of July to go watch fireworks over Lake Estes!  How exciting - How often do you get to do that?!?  However, when I found out the fireworks started at 9:30 and the traffic would be congested as we tried to make our way home, I realized it would probably be 11 o'clock or later before we got home! OMG! Could I really stay up that late? I actually pondered just skipping it cuz gosh we have seen fireworks before and the crowds would just be ridiculous to try to find a place to park and good place to watch, etc. etc.....

I woke up the morning of the 4th still unsure of what we should do and saw my Facebook memories of all the great places we have spent the 4th of July over the past 4 years since we have been workamping and all the great memories of spending time with family on the 4th previous to workamping.  Hello?!? Of course we are going to go watch fireworks and fight the crowds and find a great place to watch them! I don't want to miss a thing and experience everything that comes along!

Did  you know, its really not that easy to get a good picture of fireworks?

As it turned out we had a fabulous day hanging out with new friends drinking sangria, going to a car show, grilling burgers, eating watermelon, and watching fireworks - everything you need for a perfect 4th of July celebration!

I still miss our tradition of getting together with family on our acreage and miss my kids terribly, but for now it is time to make new memories and new friends.  So get out there and enjoy every minute, you never know what tomorrow will bring!  What have you missed out on lately?

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