Friday, August 26, 2016

What will the Future Bring? My Top 4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Landing Spot

How long will you travel as a Workamper or Full-time RVer

Do you have an exit plan? What are you plans after you are done traveling? Are you ever going to be done traveling?
Are you looking for the "Perfect" place to land someday? 

Or do you plan to go back 'home' near family when you are done traveling?

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, it seems like when we get to a new town or community, I start to look at it as "is this a place I would like to live forever?"  We have been to so many great places that it seems I am always thinking - yes this would be a great place to live! However, after we live and work there a while something usually comes up that maybe this is not the exact, perfect place to land.

Number 1 in the determination process is how close is it to my kids and the rest of my family.  My Mom is 92 and I like to see her at least a couple times a year.  We talk on the phone about once a week and she always impresses me with her gift of gab and the stories she can remember from her childhood, the neighbors, and other family members. I also need to see my kids a lot! They have been great about coming to visit us in many of the locations we have worked and it is so fun to go explore new places with them.  We try to stop through Nebraska and South Dakota about every 6 months as we change jobs. So we need to be within a reasonable driving distance to go see them or at least a very convenient airport with a great flight schedule.

The second criteria is scenery - either mountains or beaches!  We grew up in eastern South Dakota where there wasn't a lot of scenery so it always fascinates me every morning when I step out of my camper to see the mountains, or red rock, or be able to feel the sand in your feet at any time. Sometimes we get busy working and forget to look up at the mountains, the trees, and the blue sky! So, it would be great to be in a location that has some beautiful scenery, and of course some hiking and biking to go along with that!

Another big consideration is the weather.  When we started workamping we said we never needed to see snow again! Now that we are in Colorado and we have seen snow can come down vertically - not horizontally like it does in South Dakota - it really isn't so bad.  Especially if it melts right away.  I'm just not sure I want to see a lot of it all winter.  They say here in Colorado they have mild winters. But after spending a few winters in Florida, I am afraid I have become a real wimp with the cold. However, I am also not sure Florida is the answer either with the extremely hot, humid summers. (So picky!)

The fourth consideration is Jobs! Of course we have to work somewhere for a while yet to pay the bills. I don't think I could ever go back to an 8-5, Monday through Friday, sit down job, but the money sure would be nice! I think it will be more like customer service, retail store, artsy-crafty type job. I do still really enjoy my Etsy store and it would be fun to expand on that! It has to be something fun and something I won't get bored with. Another tough question!

So where is the perfect place? Still not quite sure yet, maybe Colorado for the scenery, or maybe Nebraska just to be closer to family, or maybe Florida with the great winters!  Only time will tell I guess, but we have started to think about it more and more. Have you found the perfect location? Where is it?!?

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