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7 Tips for Running a Business While Workamping

Do you run a business on the side while workamping? It's not easy to maintain a workamping job and try to start or run a side business of your own. Businesses like Etsy, E-bay, Amazon, Mary Kay, VA, and blogging usually have a learning curve until you figure out all the policies, processes, marketing, etc.

In order to continue our travels as workampers or full-time RVers, sometimes it requires us to have a business on the side.  These extra jobs, mostly online, allow us to maintain our lifestyle and make a little bit extra.

It takes a lot of time and energy to run a business and workamp at the same time. We always work jobs that pay so that job has to be the priority in our life and the side business kind of takes a back seat. It is very difficult to set up a routine each day because of the variation in hours, jobs, etc., but it is absolutely necessary to try to stick to a schedule. I usually try to block out some time, even if it is only an hour every day, and really try to concentrate on the task at hand whether it is making new items, taking photos, listing products, writing a blog, etc.  It can also get distracting when you want to go to the beach, hiking, happy hour, or shopping! But you can get it all done and enjoy your workamping lifestyle, if you schedule it!

This Lifestyle is a Balancing Act Sometimes!

Most of the experts that give advice to new business owners will tell you to get into a routine, get up early, get regular sleep, regular exercise, etc. Although great advice, sometimes it is not always possible when you are workamping! You may have varying shifts like working early in the morning or late at night, schedules can vary from day to day, vary on how many hours a week you work, and what days you have off.  Some of our jobs we didn't have the same days off each week and some days we didn't know which days we had off until a couple days before! That of course is not ideal but it is the reality of some workamping jobs.  

The best "creative entrepreneurs" have some great advice that I believe also fits for us Workampers:

1. Keep a journal of your daily plans and thoughts, especially new ideas for your business, write them down as soon as you think of them. So many times I have gone back to look at my notes and ideas on a certain project. I also need to keep a journal just so I can remember all the great things we have done!

2. Keep a planner and calendar to schedule ALL of your activities including work schedule, dinner plans, travel time, and of course work time for your business. Put work time for your business into your planner and stick to it as best you can. It's amazing how much time I can waste watching TV or getting lost in social media!

3. Set a timer for a certain amount of time such as 60 minutes to concentrate only on one task for that time period. No distractions - no phone, no checking email, no snacks, no bathroom breaks!

4. Fill out a Brain Dump to write down everything you have going on in your head. That includes your workamping job, social activities, ideas that pop up, business activities, marketing, sales, etc. for your business. Once it is down on paper you don't have to keep reminding yourself of those things that need your attention.

5. Learn new things every chance you get! Whether it is a computer class, yoga, business skills, computer program, photography skills, etc. It may be difficult at first but that is why they call it learning. Check out local classes offered or you can pretty much learn anything you want online!

6. Set goals for your business especially when you get started. What do you want your business to look like down the road in 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year?  Project where you want to be financially, creatively, geographically, and emotionally. Then review those goals every couple months and see if you are on track.

7. Organize your computer and phone including photos, files, clean out emails and unsubscribe to anything that is not relevant to your life right now. Turn off any notifications on your computer or phone that aren't urgent. If you want to be on Facebook or Pinterest, you may need to even schedule that so you don't get lost down the rabbit hole!

All of these are great ideas to help us all get organized and it is an ongoing process! It seems there is always a new paper blizzard brewing in my little home!

I am currently offering my 2017 Planner just for Workampers and Full-time RVers! The Planner includes many of the helpful tips above including a Planner, Calendar, and many Worksheets (including the Brain Dump) to get you organized in 2017! Whether you are retired and traveling, or trying to earn an income while you are traveling, my Planner will help you stay organized and get the most out of each day! 

There are weekly and monthly pages!

An important addition to my Planner this year is an Expense Worksheet for each month. You will document all of your expenses weekly and then transfer them to your monthly Worksheet to help you get a better idea of exactly where your money goes. 

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