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My husband and I are are on the adventure of a lifetime! 

We are Workampers traveling to see all of the beautiful United States!  God has truly blessed our lives with two amazing sons and an equaling amazing daughter-in-law, and with lots of love and support from our family and friends.We sold our beautiful home and quit two perfectly good jobs to live in our beautiful and perfect 5th Wheel Camper! We had been dreaming and planning for this experience for many years. We didn't want to be tied down by "stuff" we had collected and so we sold and gave away anything that would not fit into the camper. Of course some of our family and friends thought we were completely crazy but we decided to move forward with our plans and give it a try.

I am not an expert at this "workamping" thing at all! I just hope some of our experiences will help others with their dreams! We love to seek new adventures while hiking or biking, feel the sun and the sand at the beach, try new foods, and meet new people along the way. We have found one of the BEST parts of workamping is meeting the other workampers to listen to their stories of where they have been and their motivation behind this lifestyle. 

Since we have been on the road we have had more time to do the things we truly love, like biking and hiking!  Also My Man (Doug) loves to cook so he has time to search out new recipes and use different ingredients than we had available before. And I am always available to help him out in the taste testing department!

As for me I have love trying new crafts and have always been in awe of all things vintage. So this adventure has provided me the opportunity to expand on those loves to form what I call "Sentimental Sue." I have a shop on Etsy that features our vintage finds such as jewelry, hankies, and other vintage linens. We are able to attend estate sales, auctions and garage sales in search of the amazing jewelry and other collectables of the past.  

I want this blog to be about all the things I LOVE!

~ Vintage everything including jewelry (Links for Sentimental Sue on Etsy, Facebook and Pinterest for my real obsessions!)

~ Workamping - My husband and I are on the adventure of a lifetime traveling the US in our RV working great jobs in great places! This lifestyle has given us the freedom to live the life we choose.  I would like to share our experiences and provide helpful tips.

~ Travel - We have already been to some amazing places and would like to share with you photos and recommendations of our favorite, and those not so favorite, places.

~ Recipes - "My Man" is an amazing cook and likes to try new recipes! I am happy to oblige as his official taste tester! If it were up to me we would have yogurt, salads, ice cream, and wine every day! Sounds like a perfect diet right!

~ Faith, Family and Friends - Because they are the most important part of my life!

Most of all I would like YOU to follow your dreams! Whether it is workamping and traveling, or some other dream that is in your heart, I would like to provide some encouragement and resources along the way.

Thanks for joining us on this ride and please feel free to follow along by adding your email or comments!

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